5 Awesome Khakhra Recipes

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Khakra is a popular Gujarati / Jain snack that has become an all-round favourite because of its diet properties. Most khakras can be made with very less oil and be filled with the goodness of grains. This makes the light Indian crackers an accompaniment for breakfast, evening tea time or any time you want to munch on something without putting on the calories.

Khakra has also become a popular snack in children’s school snack boxes. It’s dry consistency, long shelf life healthy upside, and crispy bites make it a guilt-free item for mothers to easily send with their children.

Khakra also holds the position of a top healthy snack item because there is a flavor of khakra for every taste. The regular verities like jeera (cumin), methi (fenugreek) and ghee are an easy buy while specialized varieties like paprika, bajra methi, pudina, tomato and even Manchurian khakras are available in select stores. The unusual variants include chocolate, pani puri, vada pav, chili chat and dabeli and even tulsi khakra. There is even a variety of ‘falhari’ khakra that can be had during common fasts! In short, you simply don’t have a reason not to eat one.

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Let’s take you through some awesome and unusual khakra recipes:

Ragi And Coriander Khakra


Made with a base of finger millet flour, the ragi khakra can turn out great if you are a little liberal with the oil. If you go the no oil way like the author of this recipe, you may end up getting a great taste but a slightly drier version of it. For the coriander khakra, a great alternative is to add leftover coriander chutney to the batter if you don’t have fresh coriander leaves.

Get the recipe here

Oats Methi Multiflour Khakra


Made with quick cooling rolled oats, fresh fenugreek leaves and the power of multi-grains like jowar, nachni and gehun ka aata this recipe simply outshines other khakras in terms of fiber and nutritional value packed in each bite. This is one snack that’ll come handy for you to carry in your handbag anytime and snack without guilt.

Get this khakra recipe here 

Masala Khakra


Blended with an extra dose of Indian spices, the masala khakra is created to keep the taste buds happy. You can use an extra dash of red chili powder and other spices including some garam masala to bring out the flavours in this simple travel friendly dish.

Get the recipe here

Pudina Khakra


Filled with the goodness of fresh mint, this khakra can be a hit with your taste buds when you feel like eating something fresh and crisp. The perfect mint flavor lends itself to greater purposes. You can easily re-purpose this khakra into other interesting recipes. Scroll below to see some samples.

Get this khakra recipe here

Pav Bhaji Khakra

Pav Bhaji Khakhra

Pav Bhaji is a popular street food in many Indian cities. Made with a blend of semi- mashed vegetables cooked in the perfect mix of spices, the bhaji is generally consumed in copious quantities with an Indian bread called ‘pav’. Pav Bhaji masala is mostly available in stores everywhere with leading brands stocking it. Add this masala to your khakra dough and let the magic begin.

Get the recipe here

What Next?

Now that you have different types of khakra ready, it is time to get innovative with the way you snack it. Eating khakra the regular way is good on the go. But if you are at home, a little indulgence works wonders. Try these:

Khakra Tacos

Replace your standard corn flour tacos with a healthier multi-grain counterpart. It can not only hold the weight of the toppings but is easier to digest too.

Khakra Chat

Best made with masala khakras for the full zing, you need to add finely chopped tomatoes and onions for topping and spice it up with freshly ground pepper, salt and a dash of lime.

Khakra Pizza

Use a readily available flavoured cheese spread and tomato sauce for the base and your choice of sautéed vegetables for the topping. No fuss pizza is ready in minutes!

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Khakra Spreads For Breakfast

This is one bread base that works with multiple toppings. Use peanut butter, chocolate, jams, pickle, mayo or even a Russian salad dressing.

Khakra Canopies

Dole out mini square shaped khakras and top it with cheese, mashed potatoes, crunchy corn and choice of sauces for a canopy dish that gets done in a jiffy.

With so many ways to have khakras, you don’t need an excuse to snack on it. Do take note to have it in properly sized portions and not binge it because it is ‘healthy’. Several store-bought khakras have more oil than you think so it is best to dole out a batch at home and store in air tight containers to last for the next 15 days.




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