10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Shea Butter

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Life has become very fast today! We hardly get any time to look after our health or beauty. But at the same time, all of us are aware of the significance of good health and good looks as well. Therefore, we need options that are quick to use and highly effective too. Shea butter tops the list of such options! It is a wonderful gift of nature to us.

In this article, I have summarized top ten reasons which will convince you that why you should be using this amazingly lovely product called Shea butter!



Shea butter contains a variety of nutrients. It is loaded with vitamin A and E. It is also a rich source of various minerals. It also provides healthy fatty acids as well as Omega 6. You can make a healthy and tasty dish by using Shea butter in various recipes of cakes, chocolates, sauces, food dressings, etc.

Original Flavor

Have you ever tried using Shea butter in your recipes? If you want to enhance the taste as well as health factor of your confectionery items, use unrefined Shea butter. It adds a rich flavor to a variety of recipes. However, to achieve this original flavor of Shea butter, you should have the 100 percent pure unrefined Shea butter with you!



Who does not want to look and stay young? Well, using Shea butter can help you achieve a fresh and younger looking skin as this ivory colored butter is full of antioxidants. Apply some butter on your skin on a regular basis and you would be amazed to achieve a lovely, smooth and young skin!

Vitamin A & E

We all know that Vitamin E and A are essential requirements to get a healthy and beautiful skin. You can get ample amount of these vitamins through Shea butter. All you need to do is to massage this butter into your skin on a regular basis. In few days, you would get a glowing, fresh and soft skin.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Another important reason to use Shea butter is that it contains anti- inflammatory properties. Hence, you can use this lovely product to soothe the inflammation, pain, and swelling that arises due to reasons like cuts, burns, allergies, etc.

Solution for Various Eye Problems

Shea butter can be perfectly and quickly used for many eye problems. Massage this cream colored butter gently under your eyes to get rid of dark circles and swollen bags. Also, it is a wonderful base for eye shadows. Applying a little amount of this butter on your eyelids before applying the eye shadow will define the color of your eye- shadow in a vibrant way!


Solution for Various Hair Problems

You can settle down the frizz in your hair with the help of Shea butter. You can well define your locks by applying a small amount of this butter on your hair. Using this butter will also help you remove dandruff from your hair. You can also use the butter to style your hair. This butter can also be used to increase the volume of your hair.

Solution for Various Skin Problems

Shea butter can be used to settle down many skin allergies. You can use Shea butter to add glow, softness, and moisture to your skin. This butter helps produce collagen and also increases cell renewal. You may also treat eczema, psoriasis, scrapes and mosquito bites with the help of Shea butter.


Solution for Various Health Problems

In everyday life, we often come across problems like congested nose due to cold or the inflammation caused by bug or insect bites, sunburns due to exposure of skin to the sun, etc. These problems can be sorted out well by using Shea butter. For example, apply a small amount of Shea butter at the openings of your nostrils to get instant relief from the congested or sore nose.

Apart from being used in recipes of cakes and chocolates, Shea butter can simply be used in smoothies and ice creams too! Just add a dollop of Shea butter to your favorite smoothie or ice-cream and enjoy the yummy flavor! Using this butter in various ways will help you enjoy a variety of benefits.

Nature has gifted us with many wonderful items and Shea butter is one of them! Just like honey, adding Shea butter to your cosmetics or dishes will not only enhance the overall effect and flavor respectively but will also add a nutritional value to your food items. Remember, this butter is full of antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, vitamins, mineral and much more!




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