Tutorials To Impress Your Girlfriend

Who doesn’t want to impress his girlfriend and make his girl go woo over him. Guys… it is not that easy to woo your girlfriend as you think. You need to have that x-factor in you. Scroll down to check out what you can do to impress your girl and be a girl magnet.

How about Ninja card throwing?

Do you think that you can master this little art of spinning a pen…

Moonwalk is impressive…

Show off some technicalities with your knuckles…

Intellectual men are certainly magnets to girls… flaunt some calculations of cube roots.

Attract your girl with your ‘perfection’.

Flaunt your fitness by jumping from back to feet.

Be a magician… by mastering this card trick.

Did your girlfriend forget the combination of the lock… Crack it for her and win her heart.

Be a poker pro…




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