Ten Healthy Snacks with High Protein

Ever wondered, why the health and nutrition experts recommend a protein rich diet? Protein promotes the growth of tissues, hormones, enzymes and various other body chemicals. It also strengthens the bones and contributes in building muscles. However, unfortunately our body does not have the provision to store this vital micronutrient. Hence, we need to consume protein regularly to keep our body nourished.

Protein rich food can not only keep you going all through the day, but also serve as your energy booster on those really tiring days. Here are ten high protein snacks to start with and as healthier alternatives to protein bars and shakes.


One of the richest sources of protein, tuna also contains various other essential micronutrients that are required for your all round development. Each 100 gram serving of tuna contains 30 grams of protein. You may have tuna and pasta salad, tuna sandwich, tuna patty burgers as well as grilled tuna.

Tuna Sandwich

Boiled Eggs

Yet another source of proteins, hard-boiled eggs are easy to prepare and consume. Each 100 gram serving of hard-boiled eggs contains around 13 grams of protein. An average sized hard-boiled egg has approximately 6 grams of protein. Just sprinkle some salt and pepper on these and enjoy them as they nourish you. You may even have hard-boiled egg sandwich. Add some lettuce to it to boost its nutritional value. One egg white too contains 4 gms of proteins, and you can consider including it in your diet.



Often, we crave for something to munch on as we sit on our work station or are on the go. Instead of adding calories by hogging on chips and cookies, you can go for dry fruits such as almonds and cashews. Keep them on your desk to get your daily dose of proteins. Each 100 gram serving of almonds contains 21 grams of protein and an equal serving of cashews contains 18 grams of protein. You may have these raw or even ground them to mix them in a glass of milk.

Nuts for magnesium


Chickpeas, just as other legumes, are high on proteins. Each 100 grams serving of chickpeas contains 19 grams of protein. These are best had in their boiled form. Add some chopped onions, coriander and tomatoes and sprinkle salt and pepper to prepare chickpea salad. You may even have roasted chickpeas.

chickpeas for high protein

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Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese or paneer, that forms a part of several Indian delicacies, is also a good source of protein. Each 100 grams serving of cottage cheese contains around 11 grams of protein. Cottage cheese sandwiches make for a great snack item. Cottage cheese wraps, cutlets and grilled cheese are equally proteinaceous and luscious.

Cottage Cheese

Sprouted Green Lentils

Sprouted green lentils make for a good protein rich snack. As nutritious as it is, this snack item is equally easy to prepare. Each 100 grams serving of sprouted green lentils contains around 22 grams of protein. Add finely chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes and coriander to it to enhance its taste as well as make it more wholesome.

Here are some good recipes with sprouted lentils.

Green sprouted salad


You can prepare different dishes from this proteinaceous cereal. Each 100 grams serving of oats contains 17 grams of protein. Oats are best had with a bowl of milk. You can add chopped almonds, cashews and raisins to make it more healthful. If you prefer salty snacks then it is a good idea to sauté it in oil, and add few spices and vegetables. You may even have oats dosa, idly or dumplings.

oats for high protein

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Peanut Butter

Just a tablespoon of peanut butter on your toast, whole wheat bread or chapatti, and you are rich with 4 grams of protein! So, how about replacing your regular yellow butter with peanut butter in your refrigerator?

peanut-butter-bread for high protien

Pumpkin Seeds

Munch pumpkin seeds to grab an instant dose of energy. Each 100 grams serving of pumpkin seeds contains 19 grams of proteins. You may eat these in their raw form, straight out of pumpkin. Fried and roasted pumpkin seeds are equally good.

pumpkin seeds


For those, who are averse to the taste of cottage cheese, or cannot eat soybeans, could try tofu sandwitch or any other tofu based recipe. Also known as soya curd or bean curd, tofu is a plant based protein. Each 100 gms of tofu contains 8 grams of protein.

tofu for high protein

Apart from above, vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, corn and beans as well as fruits such as strawberries, watermelons, guava, bananas and avacados are also the rich sources of protein.

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Ten Healthy Snacks with High Protein


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