10 Super Effective Home Remedies for Migraine

Our erratic lifestyle and poor eating habits lead to various health issues and migraine is one of them. The problem is quite common these days and can be seen in people of almost every age group. We usually gulp a tablet to get rid of the pain it causes, however, it is recommended not to have antibiotics frequently as they may cause negative side effects. It is better to opt for natural ways to get relief from it.

Here are some really simple, yet effective home remedies for migraine.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging the scalp is an effective way of soothing migraine. Hot oil massage on the back side of the head is extremely relaxing. Massaging the reflex points on your feet and hands also helps in getting rid of the pain. Use basil or peppermint oil for massage.


Inhale Oil

The fresh aromatic smell of lavender oil and basil oil is also known to heal migraine quickly. Add two-three drops of oil to a bowl of boiling water and inhale the vapours to get relief. You may even dab some oil on your handkerchief and smell it a couple of times during the day to keep the problem at bay. The anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and calming properties of these oils work wonder for people suffering from migraine.

oil inhalation for migraine

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If the headache is caused because of inflammation then consuming flaxseeds can help in getting relief. The seeds known for their rich nutritional value contain omega-3 fatty acids that help in getting rid of this problem. You can have these in their ground form or as whole seeds.

flaxseed for head ache

Ice Pack

Wrap some ice in a cloth to make an ice pack and place it at the back of your neck in a way that it gently presses that area. Close your eyes and relax in this position to reduce the pain.

ice pack for migraine

Eat Meals on Time

It is suggested to take your meals on time. It is best to set a routine and have your meals at the same time each day. Avoid long gaps between your meals as it may cause a dip in the blood sugar levels that causes migraine among other health hazards. Munch on some healthy snacks in between the meals.

Avoid long gaps between your meals as it may cause a dip in the blood sugar levels that causes migraine among other health hazards. Click To Tweet

Eat Right

It is not only important to have your meals on time, what is also important is to have a rich diet. If you suffer from migraine then you should especially be particular about what you eat. Artificial sweeteners, cultured dairy products, aged cheese, buttermilk, alcohol, banana, avocado, onion, hot dog, bacon, chocolates and cold food may trigger migraine. So avoid consuming these if you are a frequent sufferer of migraine.

Muscle Relaxation Exercises

Muscle relaxation exercises are helpful in soothing migraine caused due to tight muscles or stress. Those of you who suffer from frequent migraine should make it a habit to do these exercises for 15 minutes to half an hour a day.

Meditation and Yoga

Nothing can be as relaxing as meditation and yoga. These are a great way to de-stress yourself and reduce the occurrence of migraine. Practice these arts regularly to keep these problems at bay.

Yoga for reducing stress

Take Proper Sleep

It is essential to take 6-8 hours sleep every night. It is suggested to avoid irregular sleeping patterns. Make a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Relax and take short naps during the day if you feel like. However, see to it that you do not oversleep.

funny sleeping position

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Eat Vegetables

Certain vegetables and fruits have amazing natural properties to relieve migraine. For example, carrots, cucumber, beetroot, cabbage, spinach and tomatoes. You can either eat them whole or squeeze them to make juice.

Fibre Rich Vegetables

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10 Super Effective Home Remedies for Migraine


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