6 Effective Natural Ways to Boost Immune System

It’s quite natural to get distressed when we or someone in the family falls sick!. We rush to the doctor, take medicines and deal with a continuous discomfort. Every season comes with its own toll of seasonal flu, contagious diseases and other ailments. We always blame the virus, the weather and other external factors for our sickness. Though they are responsible, but have you ever thought that how can they affect us, if we had a strong ‘immune system’?

What is Immune System?

Our immune system is the barrier between the germs we come across in our daily life and our healthiness. Germs, virus, bacteria can help attack us anytime, anywhere. Though, sometimes falling sick can be unavoidable, but having a resistant immune system can help us fight them effectively. It is important to strengthen your immune system to reduce your chances of falling ill frequently, especially if you have to work or stay out of the house for long periods of time. Enhancing the immune system in children from a young age helps them to fight germs better and stay healthy.


Natural Immunity Boosters

There are different ways to build your immunity with medicines or other supplements. However, the best way to boost your immunity is the natural way of nourishing your body and staying fit. Natural immunity boosters also help to keep stress and depression away, which affect our mental health. Hence, you can choose some of the best natural immunity enhancer in your daily life to keep your fitness graph rising and keep illness at bay.


A proper diet can keep you healthy as well as help to build your immune system. Diet needs to be rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to fight free radicals, which can harm our DNA to hamper our immune system. Diet needs to have plenty of fruits and vegetables. Green, leafy vegetables are a good source of antioxidants, which our body needs. Plan proportionate portions of fruits and vegetables everyday in your diet. You can have these in the form of salads as well. It is better to opt for oily fish and other omega-3 rich fatty acid as part of your diet for healthy fat intake. It is better to keep saturated fat to a minimum, which are mostly found in meat and dairy products. These fatty acids facilitates the production of elements, which increase our immunity.

Fibre Rich Vegetables

Ginger and garlic are two very important ingredients, which should be included in our everyday diet, Both are known to have positive effects on boosting immunity. Also, our body needs plenty of fluids, especially water to wash out all infections and maintain a healthy immunity.

Garlic-and-Ginger-immunity booster

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Physical Activity

Physical activity or exercise has far-reaching effects on both our body and mind. The stimulates proper metabolism, blood circulation, muscle strengthening, while it also helps to maintain a stress-free mind and a rejuvenated soul. Regular exercise also helps to boost our immune system as it keeps the body refreshed and energized. Incase, you are not able to indulge in regular exercise, involve yourself in different physical activities at home or at work. Rigorous exercise is not recommended as this can exhaust your immune system and make it weak. A daily regime of proper workouts can help boost our immune system to a great extent.


Stress Management

As mentioned earlier, stress is one of the major reasons of our deteriorating physical and mental health. Prolonged stress can lead to depression, which can have disastrous effects on our immune system. It is advisable to manage stress with different stress busters like meditation, yoga, music and dance and others. Following simple principles of planning, listing, organizing things in life can also help to reduce stress and help you take a systematic approach and help to alleviate adverse effects on the mind and the body. This indirectly helps to enhance our immune system and helps to fight illness better.

Yoga for reducing stress

Sleep Management

Sleeping is one of the most important form of rest that our is required for both the body and the mind. As per sleep foundation, sleep deprivation effect on immune system mirrors physical stress.  The body needs around eight hours of sleep to perform at its best. This is even more important for children because proper sleep ensures their growth and building their immune system. Ensure that you and your family follow a regular sleep routine everyday

sleep for boosting immunity

Personal Hygiene

One of the most crucial ways to build your immunity is to maintain personal hygiene , but we often neglect it. Remember, what our mammas tought us? Wash your hands before and after eating; place a tissue or handkerchief on your mouth while coughing or sneezing; clean yourself after coming from outside; and so forth. Also, do not forget to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption.

how to wash hands

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Natural Supplements

Herbs and other natural supplements also  help to build our immune system. Vitamin C and Vitamin E rich food is good for enhancing immunity. Other natural supplements can be pomegranate juice, green tea and raspberry which can boost immunity. There are certain natural herbs like astralagus, elderberry and others, which you can consume to fight flu more effectively. It is better to seek doctor’s help before taking any external supplements.

green tea

These are some simple, yet effective ways to boost immune system.

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