How To Get Through A Breakup

If we ‘fall in love, we want to stay in love’, but probably the ‘happily ever after’ is not always true for everybody. Breakup in a relationship is like the thorns on a rose plant. Breakup takes its own course to bring you out of it. When you are going through a breakup, apart from the pain and discomfort, the question ‘how to get through a breakup’ haunts you every moment.


If you are over with the phase of wetting pillows, ripping love cards or deleting pictures on social media after the breakup, then check out these 5 things you must do to become your happy self again.

Give an Outlet to Your Emotions


It helps to talk to someone near and dear to get over the pain. But, you may not want to talk about breakup as you think it might cause more pain. However, a recent study reveals that reflecting on a past relationship or breakup or even participating in research studies helps in emotional recovery. You can also choose to write about your feelings in letters or on social forums (you can choose to be anonymous); or talk about it in a support group or to a therapist. This helps to bring out the negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, etc. and releases the pain from your heart hence becomes easy to get through a breakup.

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Pamper Yourself / Get Busy


Blaming yourself for the breakup is not good for you. A research shows that to be able to regain a clear sense of self after a breakup is the key to moving on. In order to do so, start taking care of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Keep yourself engaged in various tasks. Rejuvenating your body and your soul will help you get back to normal in a lesser time. Discover a new YOU in the following ways.

  • Start a healthy diet or an exercise regime
  • Join a yoga, meditation or recreational class
  • Take a holiday solo or with friends and family

Take a Break from Love


You may be tempted to find a new ‘Mr Right’ to heal your pain. Not so soon, dear lady! A new relationship immediately after the breakup is nothing but a case of rebound. A research shows that people in ‘on-again, off-again’ relationships are less happy and may end up in a breakup once more. So, take a break from love and affairs. Just enjoy being and with YOU.

Say Hello to Positivity


Ditch the bad memories and negative thoughts. Embrace the memories that make you happy and do something that gives you positive vibes. For instance, you can engage in charity work or do anything that makes you feel good. This will help to bring your sense of self-worth. Trying to help others in pain helps you to forget yours in some way and to get through a breakup.

Get a Makeover


A new hairstyle, a spa treatment or a new look can make you feel like a new person. In fact, you can even change the look and feel of your room or office desk to put behind the painful memories of the breakup.

The above tips on how to get through a breakup will surely pull you out of misery. It is difficult to assess the time for recovering from a breakup as it varies from person to person. But, give enough time to put yourself together, but not too long for the memories to haunt you forever. You had a life before the relationship and you will definitely have one after it. So, move on and make the most of your life, whenever you can.

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How To Get Through A Breakup


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