10 Easy Steps to Get A Perfect Manicure at Home

Who doesn’t like those beautiful manicured hands? But how many of you have the heart to shell out money or time on expensive manicures? A majority will say no! So we bring to you 10 easy steps to accomplish this task at home.

Get your stuff ready

Let us start from the start! Before you sit down to give your hands that awesome look make sure you gather all the required equipments in your home manicure kit. You need cotton balls, nail polish remover, nail clipper, nail file, nail brush, cuticle stick, massage cream, base coat and nail polish.

Remove Nail Polish

Now, begin by removing your current nail polish. Use a good nail polish remover and apply it properly on your nails with a cotton ball to ensure that every bit of your polish is removed. Wash your hands properly after removing it to let your nails breath for a while before you paint them again.

 remove nail polish

Clip your Nails

It is time now to clip your nails. Ideally, you must not clip your nails too short or leave them too long. You are good to go if a little white tip of the nail is visible.

File them

Next you need to file your nails to give them proper shape. This task needs to done with patience. Drag the file gently across your nail to bring a smooth curve. Pushing the file back and forth forcibly may weaken or break the nails.

file nails for manicure

Soak you hands

Get a bowl filled with warm water and add some drops of soap in it. Soak your hands in the water to get rid of the dust and dirt and soften the cuticles. After soaking your hands for a few minutes, clean your nails with a nail brush. Those of you who have weak nails must not soak them for too long or better still just rinse them with warm water.


Just as our face, our hands must also be exfoliated to rid them off the dead skin cells. So scrub your hands with a good quality scrub. Wash them with clean water and pat dry.

Push the cuticles

Push the cuticles back with a cuticle stick. Soft cuticles are easier to push back. If soaking hasn’t softened them enough, you may apply a lotion or oil to do so. Cuticles may even be pushed back with the help of a binder clip. However, just ensure that this small equipment is clean and devoid of sharp edges. Just in case you are wondering how to use it for this purpose, fold the grips of the wire and lay them flat against one another. Now place the clip between your middle finger and thumb to do the job. Do not cut your cuticles as they guard your nails from bacteria. Cutting these may cause infection.


Massage your hands

Massage your hands with a good massage cream or lotion. Gently rub the cream on your hands for around 10-15 minutes and let them relax for a while post the massage.

Apply the base coat

It is time now to apply the base coat. Use a good quality base coat and apply it evenly on your nails. It is suggested to swab your nails with a nail polish remover or vinegar to remove excess oils from your nails to help the nail polish stick properly.

Apply Nail Polish

The next step is of course applying the nail polish. Pick a colour of your choice and apply a thin coat evenly on your nails. Wait for the nail polish to dry properly before you apply the second coat. Applying a top coat helps in retaining the nail colour for long.


Is there any special home manicure tip you would like to share with us?


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